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All of our interpreters are educated and interpret professionally.

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With our 200+ professional translators, we help you reach further.

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When you work with Sententia, you’re guaranteed a high quality service, provided by a native, professional translator. Through our vigorous vetting process, we are able to maintain and grow our network of expert linguists. Sententia offers over 50 language combinations, and each or our translators work strictly within their expert domains, ensuring correct terminology and consistency throughout.

Get full support from our professional project managers.

Need help with our app? Should you need assistance using the app, obtaining invoices for services you’ve paid for, or any other matter in regards to interpretation, our project managers are there to help. Perhaps you would like to set up a company account to grant several or all employees access? We offer discounts and special corporate packages. Reach out to our project management team, and they’ll be happy to assist. 


Lost in translation?
A thing of the past.

Within our app you can quickly locate and connect with interpreters specializing in any industry. This means they’re perectly suited to understand, and communicate, the intricacies of industry specific terminology – to and from their mother tongue. This is important: you wouldn’t trust your car mechanic to take care of your dental cavety. Armed with the groundbraking Sententia app, you’re sure to be on the safe side by making ‘lost in translation’ a thing of the past.

How do we ensure high quality every time?

It's simple in theory, less so in practice: We always have a second writer edit and proofread the text before delivery.

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